Strangford Lough


The sight of the lough fills the soul with a sense of spaciousness; to look on it is to feel poised in luminous air.  On fine days  the atmosphere is of a limpid clarity like that which bathes the Hebridean hills and the lakes of Iceland; a light which gives an unearthly translucency to the scene – pellucid, indescribable, as if the whole round world were a clairvoyant’s crystal gleaming with soft brilliance and colour.  The thin, distant strip of land separating sky and sea emphasises by contrast the vastness of the scene.  On Strangford’s shores I find myself murmuring with the Psalmist: ‘Thou hast set my feet in a large room.’  (EA Armstrong Birds of the Grey Wind 1940)

Strangford and Lecale is famed for its scenery, its wildlife, its farmscape and its built heritage.

Reflecting on Scrabo

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Scrabo floating on the calm waters of the Lough on an autumn evening